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Card and Licenses

Any patient looking to become a Colorado Medical Marijuana patient must obtain a Physician Certification from a qualified Medical Marijuana Doctor. Included with the Physician Certification, the patient must fill out a state registry application form. GrassRoots Medical is here to walk you through the process of becoming a legal Medical Marijuana patient.

Every prospective patient must:

• Send in a notarized state application, physician certification, and photo ID within 60 days to the Medical Marijuana Registry certified mail.
• A $35.00 check or money order payable to CDPHE must also be included. Call us about getting the state fee waived if you are 185% of the Federal Poverty Level or less.

What if I Am Out of State?

Out of state residents can apply for a Colorado Medical Marijuana License so long as they have proof of residency. All you need to include with you Application to the state registry is a copy of your temporary Colorado License and a photo ID which can be out of state. If you do not have a temporary Colorado license, the state registry will accept any of the following in its place: utility bill, medical/insurance bill, phone bill, or cable bill. If you are unsure whether you have the correct proof of residency, call us so we can walk you through the process! What about Filling out a Caregiver or a Dispensary on the Form? The state application form gives you two optional choices of filling in either an individual caregiver, or a dispensary as your caregiver. While you don’t have to have either, we highly recommend finding one now or down the road. Cannabis, while cheaper than some pharmaceuticals, can be expensive. A caregiver is the best way to keep costs low. A caregiver can be an individual or a dispensary that you can assign the right to grow six plants in your name. For a caregiver or a dispensary, this is a source of legitimacy to legally grow more plants that can be made available to you and others at a lower cost. When you assign a caregiver or a dispensary you opt in to whatever membership benefits these entities may have available to you. These benefits are mainly discounted products that help you save money. It is important to remember that even though you are assigning a caregiver or dispensary the right to grow six plants in your name, you may still shop anywhere you want and still grow for yourself! These are just a few of the great benefits Colorado MMJ patients receive when applying for the state registry. Come see us today so we can help find you a caregiver or dispensary that has discounted product ready and available for you! Give us a call so we can begin the process of legalization and help you on your way to receiving your MMJ License from the Colorado State Registry Program.

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